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We are a salvage yard business providing; 

A complete line of foreign and domestic OEM parts 

Thousands of parts, Engines, Transmission, Body, Glass and much more ready for pickup or delivery 

Free delivery for major parts anywhere in Miami Dade area only. 

Engine and Transmission installations are available with a warranty. 

Our computerized Search Network is connected to over 2000 affiliated recycling centers.


We Have You Covered


Whether you're coming in for a motor, bumper, or headlights, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with your replacement parts. We provide 30 day warranties on all our products to ensure your peace of mind. Call us or email us to get your part quote today!

What is an Auto Recycler?


Motor vehicles are most recycled consumer product in the US, largely due to the services provided by licensed auto recyclers. Auto recyclers or salvage yards are not the junkyards of the past. Gone are the days when anyone could store a few junk cars inside a wood plank fence and open up a junk yard. Here are a few facts about the auto recycling industry:  

• Over 4 million motor vehicles are recycled ever year 

• Auto recycling reuses or recycles 75% of a motor vehicle by weight  

• The recycle rate for aluminum cans is 61% 

• Insurance Quality Parts, Inc., as an EPA regulated recycler, has invested heavily to protect the environment, such as, covered buildings and storage areas to prevent ground water contamination  

• Insurance Quality Parts uses water based parts cleaning to reduce the reliance of industrial solvents 

• Recycling motor vehicles oils to heat the works shops 

• Recovery of Freon and antifreeze 

• Reusable parts are removed from the vehicle, cleaned, tested, inventoried, and stored in a warehouse for sale to auto repair garages, auto body shops, and individuals. Selected items include engines, transmissions, auto body parts, tires, radios, and other components 

• Reused parts offer an economical alternative to new parts, which has become ever more important in our current economic times 

• The recycle part is not junk, most cars end up at IQP because an accident prematurely rendered the vehicle unusable 

• After the vehicle is stripped of reusable parts, the remaining is then crushed and recycled by a scrap processor for material recycling

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